Newport Market 9th April Units B14 & 15

So what were we doing today in Newport Market?



We were asked ‘what are you doing?/ selling?who are you? employed by the Council? what is this?’
I had a great day.
Removed blu tak ( pet hate)
watched as Kirsty removed picture hooks expertly with a claw hammer
Watched as Kirsty balletically vacuumed the space
Made two clocks out of a drawing on fablon then put them in place, one had the numbers rather back to front despite my best efforts
Drew sweet jars with electrical tape
Drew rolls of fabric with electrical tape
Drew with pencil around a market visitor in a wheel chair, which Kirsty then outlined in yellow electrical tape
Invited a stall holder to model suggesting that I knew that Kirsty had already suggested it to him
Got him to pose against the wall and then, because it is easier, asked him to lie down on fablon while I drew around his outline
Cut out the shape and with him ( Ali) and Kirsty positioned it on the wall
Drew the butchers’ trophy ( received in 2014 for beef burghers) then invited Geraint to come an model with the trophy
Ali got him positioned on the fablon while I drew around him, then Kirsty and I cut him out and positioned the figure plus my extra trophy drawing on the wall
Meanwhile Kirsty drew garments in electrical tape and conversed with passers by attempting to explainwhat we were doing
It is is not easy, but I think we are exploring ideas by giving attention to the particular space that we are in and inviting others to join us
Then the market manager Lyn and his colleague  came by and had a conversation
Then a man came and talked about wanting a space to show his work, not to sell but to have an audience and add energy to the market
My highlights were Kirsty vacuuming and then drawing with the vacuum cleaner flex VALUE
Ali pulling Geraint into position on the floor
Finally Lyn displaying interest and curiousity
I think we exchanged something today

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