The Larks and Ravens is an experimental group of two visual artists and an irrational psychologist.

IMG_20150610_144040We create physical and symbolic contexts to trigger conversations and fresh thinking about the socio-environmental issues of our day, e.g. climate change, value, money and social inequality.

We are experimenting with how ….

  • Death 5 to disturb elements of our everyday contexts (a supermarket, a bank, a workplace ..) to glimpse that what we accept as the reality of our everyday world might actually be illusion or fantasy and it could be different,

  • to create destabilising moments which help us spot how strange our world is or how irrational we are,

  • to make visible some of the narratives, myths and voices which shape our thinking but to which we are often blind.

Our hope is to stimulate conversations about topics which affect us all but which we rarely discuss with one another. Examples include: climate change, death, money and social and wealth inequality.


Kirsty Claxton, Pip Woolf and Alison Kidd

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