Day 1 of Running away with the hairdresser

The Larks & Ravens are reproducing one of Wales’ National artworks onto the outside windows of y Gaer each evening in Brecon this week (5-9th September). The painting is ‘Running away with the hairdresser’ by Kevin Sinnott currently on exhibition at y Gaer. The National Welsh Collection of art belongs to everyone in Wales so we wanted to bring it outside for everyone to enjoy.

The day started with carefully measuring and cutting the large digital print to slot into each inside window pane.

Unfortunately, we discovered the large print has a more dominantly blue palette than the original artwork and printed poster. This has created a mismatch with the set of paints we purchased based on the orginal dominantly yellow palette. Added to this, the y Gaer windows are blue tinted.

We are exploring ways to use colour mixing and overlaying of paints to address this challenge.

We are finding that these colour challenges, as well as the painting itself, are leading to conversations and ideas from passers by.

Some of whom are keen to help…

Carefully tracing the artist’s original brushstrokes.

The evening came to a rather premature end with a sudden heavy downpour. This is how far we’d reached… The reflections of Brecon add to the visual interest… was Brecon maybe where the couple were running away to?


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