Photos from the Planet’s Courtroom Abuse Case

Thanks to Jon Muen for these photos of our Courtroom Abuse Case installation at y Gaer during COP 26.

Where does the power lie?

Visitors posted their responses to this question – here are some examples…..

“The ruling class”

“The 1% Government but also us as consumers and voters”

“Poeple writing the story”


Depends what you mean by lie”

“within us”

Who is in the dock for climate change?”

We wonder … are the illuminated busts gods? Do they see themselves as above the law?”

Where do you feel most comfortable sitting?

People felt differently when sitting in different positions in the court… jury members? attorneys? reporters? the judge? Each bench has a different feel and different view of the rest of the court. One person remarked on how sitting in the public gallery at the back felt more comfortable as you felt free of responsibility or delivering judgement.

Who is writing the story?

Who is writing the narrative which is shaping my view of the world?


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