Day 3 of Running away with the hairdresser

As ‘Running away with the hairdresser’ is part of the Welsh National Collection of Art, it belongs to everyone in Wales so we thought we would bring it outside so a wider ‘everyone’ can enjoy it.

We are grateful to the Welsh Government’s Summer of Fun programme for helping fund this project.

The evening began with an engaging conversation with the group who hang out by y Gaer at the end of the school day. They keep commenting that what we are doing is “so cool”. They are also very happy to share “their” space with us. They suggested we continue the painting – maybe in a “what happened next?” story line across the rest of the y Gaer windows. We thought that was a great idea. A couple of the group also came into y Gaer with us to see the original painting in the current exhibition.

Meanwhile, we decided to take a different tack with the painting tonight. We cleaned off some parts which we weren’t happy with and then, having asked for the youngsters’ advice on whether we should try to copy the colours exactly or “do our own thing”, we followed their strong recommendations that we should do our own thing.

We are much happier with the result when we left for the night.


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