Thinking about Newport Market Day 3

IMG_0272What is the work? Who is it for?

Traders, workers in the market, visitors, regulars, customers, express curiosity about what three women are doing in the market space, focussed but without apparent sense every Monday. What do they see? Who are we in this? performers, facilitators, researches, traders?  What is the conversation between us (Larks and Ravens) and them? What meaning is made together?

They may see – 3 women occupying a market stall, cleaning, making good, making the time of day, approaching, receiving, exchanging? What is happening here? It is a question, it is a start of questions that begin a conversation

IMG_0276The 3 of us working together as Larks and Ravens have questions that are similar but different, perhaps they are driven from different places. What happens when you give attention, what do you value? What is money? An alternative currency? What is paying attention? My questions? How do you experience a stranger, how do you start a conversation, what motivates any action in the first place?

What has been exchanged so far? time, friendliness, curiosity, care, attention, offers of help, sharing of morsels of lives offered up, feelings, playing along, taking a risk, the willingness to not take oneself too seriously and the willingness to offer up something more serious.

IMG_0285It is difficult at this point to explain my presence here, to explain exactly what it is we are doing. It is quite raw to act out in a place where I can’t give those answers. I do know that the only way we might begin to understand the work and to really know what the question is, is to keep on doing and turning up. And slowly and by reliably returning it may become a conversation that belongs to this place. I hope that we give as much as I feel we take, the gestures of warmth come frequently and the offers of tea are really appreciated.

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