Discussing climate change with spectres – what does it sound like?

Has capitalism runs its course?

What do we put our faith in?

On Thursday evening 26th March, we ran the second of our ‘Space Explorations – Speed Dating with Spectres’ events at the Tobacco Factory in Bristol.

This time, the multiple spectres hovered in our midst, suspended from the ceiling. This meant they played a part in more conversations either overtly or subliminally.

With everyone’s agreement, we set a digital recorder running in one corner of the room and here’s a 30 second taster of what a room full of people discussing climate change with one another sounds like.


How chaotic is the world?

Every now and again, we can catch a snatch of a comment from the recorded conversations – here are some of those conversational fragments:

“you die”, “we’d be a bit surprised”, “it frightens me”, “Bombay mix”, it’s hard to imagine the dinosaurs”, “is there a meaning?”, “the Pope?”, “I see that as a big one”, “we’re lucky”, “scientists sort of catch up”, “it’s a bit like exploring”, “Mick Jagger”, “trees and cars”, “the perfect view”, “worships this, worships that”, “it’s like rock stars”, “George Osbourne”, “how many calories have you had?”, “Putin”, “this is the most exciting thing”, “try and hold it together”, “at the coal face”, “but what about the French?”


About Alison Kidd

Research Psychologist
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