What’s it worth? – Day 5

A trolley of old 78 rpm records which the stall holder can’t sell and has to get rid of – what are they worth?

records Newport

If we gold plate them and display them on our stall wall, does this change their value?


If a market customer stops and helps us copy our £10 note and paint it on the wall – what’s that worth? ..to us? ..to them? …to the value of the painting on the wall?


An then another passing customer  stops to help…”I was on my way to the graveyard to draw the angels there.. but now I’m drawing a horse and carriage on a £10 note instead!”

Was the time taken from the angels worth it?


We’ve nearly finished the £10 note? Is it worth more than when we started last week? Should we whitewash over it when we leave? “You can’t possibly paint over it!” we hear people cry. There’s shared ownership now. But, once we’ve gone, is a clean whitewashed wall more value to the Council than giant £10 note?


What’s anything worth? A passing customer provides the most worthwhile insight of the day “if you have masses of money then nothing is worth anything to you. How can it be when you make no choices?”













About Alison Kidd

Research Psychologist
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