Those are pearls…

shellsThe strip of beach between high and low tide interests me.

It’s an area of constant change – yesterday’s marks are gone and yesterday’s flotsam is re-arranged into new patterns. Nothing stays the same for long.

And it’s one of the few stretches of land in our country that belongs to no-one – only the crown and is therefore equally open and free for everyone to enjoy.

And edges are where the interesting stuff happens….

The Larks and Ravens spent a couple of hours on the beach at Swansea on Saturday – exploring the wide wide open space at low tide – a vast and empty canvas – what can we draw? But the canvas isn’t empty. Yards from their busy, noisy city, people dig for lugworms or run or walk or throw sticks for the dog or kick a ball or even practice their horn playing. It’s everyone’s space – do what you like.


The beach also marks a limit – the border of ‘our’ country. In a year where Brexiteers have cried for “getting back control of our borders” – we puzzle what is ‘ours’ and why isn’t it ‘yours’ too?



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Research Psychologist
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