Aldi customers drawing what they value

img_20161020_121050The Larks and Ravens ran a Big Draw event in the Aldi Store in Bristol. We invited customers shopping that day to “draw what you value” and Aldi were kind enough to let us draw on their windows which proved an attraction in itself and made the results more visually engaging from both within and without the store.


I counted over 70 different values reflected by people’s wildly varied drawings -here’s a sample….

Relationshipslove, family, children, friends, partners, hugs, happy home

Activitieswalking, cycling, helping others, exercise, dancing, music, skate parks

Personal health, an anxiety-free head, sleeping, being happy, being warm

Social structures NHS, Southmead Hospital, Air Ambulance Service, homes for everyone

Foodfruit, bananas, bread, chicken, coffee, cake

Environmentbees, trees, flowers, gardens, the world, spiders, sunsets,snowy mountains

Interestingly, there was only one drawing of actual money and very few things you can even buy with money in Aldi or, in fact, anywhere! The anarchic fun of drawing on shop windows for a day is just one example …









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