So here was what we wrote by way of applying to come alongside others in the Hothouse

Addressing capitalism as “an economic, political, and social system in which property, business, and industry are privately owned, directed towards making the greatest possible profits for  organisations and people.”

There cannot be infinite growth in a world of limited resources so our question is: How do we change the dominant capitalistic mindset which drives the growth and private profit imperative and which are so damaging to the planet?


Our practice is driven by the psychological principle that what we physically DO as humans changes how we think. So, if we want to change how we think, we need to start by changing what we DO. So, our group’s plan is to DO non-capitalism for the whole week. What will this mean for our activity and creative practice day to day in the Hothouse? – we don’t and won’t know until we start doing but we can guarantee that we will certainly be literally “tasting the change” and our thinking and that of our fellow participants will be marked by it.

Watch this space!

and see our early endeavours in the images gallery