A Response to Covid-19 postcards

We received over 30 postcards in response to our invitation back in May to share thoughts in words or images to a mid-lockdown question “Can we remake our world in new ways?”

You can enjoy (as we have) the rich diversity of thoughts and feelings expressed in this A5 space here.

When we, Larks & Ravens, were finally able to meet together a couple of weeks ago, we laid out all the postcards on a large table and spent time absorbing the plethora of words and images. We then picked up each card in turn and read out aloud all the written words as a spoken performance.

As the psychologist in our group, I collected and studied all the individual words which people used. I was struck by how positive and negative words sat alongside each other – both in terms of how people felt during lockdown and how they felt and wished for the future which emerges from it.

Words: “together”, “harmony” “connectedness” and “co-operation” sat alongside words: “isolation”, “no hugs” “alone” and “missing friends”.

Words: “peace”  “creativity”, “time” and  “hope” sat alongside words: “fear”, “trepidation”, bereavement”, and “scariness”.

Words: “space”, “birdsong”, “sun” and “pure air” sat alongside words: “shut in”, “closed”, “danger”, “mutilated world” and “pay your rent”.

So, this is my response to what I heard and saw in all these contrasting words….

I was unaware until I finished the drawing of the resonance with the Garden of Eden story. What does that mean? Feel free to respond if you can unravel that particular symbolism…

About Alison Kidd

Research Psychologist
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