Covid-19 – A Postcard Conversation

Kirsty, Pip and Alison work together as the Larks and Ravens. Kirsty and Pip are artists and long time collaborators on a variety of social and environmental projects. Alison is a psychologist interested in language and irrational behaviour. We use a combination of our different skills to work with and unravel topics such as value, its odd relationship to money, environmental and social equality issues. During the Covid-19 lockdown we have been working together remotely – making, drawing, writing and discussing.

Burning cow

Burning a scared cow

Like others, we have wondered how our world might be remade from the pain and disordering of Covid-19. We wanted to invite others with different life perspectives to join a conversation about possible different futures through either their words or images.

In May, we are distributing (by any means we can find in our locked down world), postcards inviting responses which can make and remake thinking and action. As we receive these, we will combine reflective drawing, making, words and psychology  to respond and, we hope, continue a wider conversation.

Final invite

Whether or not you have encountered and sent back one of our postcards, we welcome your thoughts and comments here as part of that dialogue.





About Alison Kidd

Research Psychologist
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